The Original Grillslinger BBQ tool system

The Original Grillslinger

The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift - and a great way to treat yourself

Ever thought, wouldn't it be great to have some decent grilling implements to match your quality barbecue?

The Original Grillslinger does just that. It's a cleverly designed twist on the classic builder's belt. A barbecue tool system, it includes three precision grilling implements: tongs, flipper and grill knife, securely held by washable 'lock-and-load' inserts.

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A similar quality and finish to the Original Grillslinger, Grillslinger Sport is differentiated in the following ways:

  • It has a Pro-Flipper (Spatula) & Speed Tongs, as in the Original Grillslinger, with two lock-and-load inserts.
  • The Grillslinger Knife and insert is removed, and in its place is an insulated, adjustable Beverage Cooler.
  • The style of the belt is streamlined with a PVC logo sewn on the 'buckle' position.
Grillslinger SportGrillslinger Sport

Now available in the UK Exclusively at Presents for Men. Buy online now in the USA



01 / 10 / 06
The Grillslinger has been shown recently on the hit TV Show 'Hunger for the Wild' which is screening in New Zealand.
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Top Tips

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Grilling essentials BBQ Preparation and Organisation
Grillslinger inventors and top restaurateurs Steve Logan and Al Brown enjoy nothing better than a great BBQ with family and friends. The key to relaxed enjoyment is in planning ahead and being organised. Learn more
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